Reserve a c75 today with a $100 deposit. Total price is $1995 less deposit. Lead time is approximately 2 weeks.

     The c75 was created with one goal in mind: Make the best 34mph ski ever. The new optimized sizing system allows skiers of all sizes to get the benefits of what pros and insiders have known for years: Short skis rock. The c75 was designed with a short wheelbase, but with plenty of lift right where we need it, under the feet. The result is a ski that builds angle, creates space, and turns on a dime like nothing else before.


     In conjunction with the (included) asymmetrical revolutionary CG Fin and S-Wing, the c75 has been secretly blowing away expectations and crushing PBs for months.


  • High volume tunnel that creates lift right where you need it - under your feet

  • Functionally defined Tunnel Depth gives the ski incredible holding power, while being self-centering

  • Re-positioned tail rocker gets the ski rotating early, so your turn finishes are automatic and butter smooth

  • Dynamically progressive bevels ensure that you never get stuck in a hole on the back side of the buoy

  • Matching rocker and width profile for seamless edge changes and the ability to use every inch of the ski when you're late into a buoy

  • The shorter length allows for soft flex numbers, allowing the ski to be smooth and forgiving without sacrificing speed

  • Aerospace grade machined core and carbon fiber structure.

  • All new hybrid composite layup decouples longitudinal and torsional flex for the perfect combination of power and control

  • Made by skiers - for skiers

  • DEMO Program - Click here to learn more


  • 65" length tip to tail - for all sizes

  • PVC machined high durability core

  • Proprietary carbon fiber layup

  • Aerospace grade epoxy

  • Corrosion resistant binding inserts standard

  • Optimized Torsion/Flex Ratio from tip to tail

  • Revolutionary CG Fin and S-Wing included

  • Precision USA made anodized Aluminum fin block included


The c75 is 65" long - for ALL sizes.


The ski comes in Small, Medium, and Large size. These sizes are achieved by varying the width of the ski only. That means that unlike the traditional ski sizing method, the Rocker, Bevels, Tunnel and Profile Shape are the SAME across all sizes.

SIZE                WEIGHT RANGE


Small              Up to 165 lbs

Medium          165-190 lbs

Large              190 lbs and up