Denali Team

Adam Caldwell - Co-Founder

Caldwell grew up free skiing on the frigid waters of Maine. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine and went on to work as a Nuclear Test engineer on 688 Class Submarines, followed by being a Mechanical Development/Test Engineer for a marine diesel engine manufacturer.


He has been diligently working on tuning skis and perfecting his technique on the water since meeting Adam Cord in 2006. He has reached 3 ball at 41off in record tournaments while riding his handmade custom skis.

Caldwell executes the mechanical side of the business, running the CNC machines, hydraulic presses, and many other custom tools to create Denali water skis. 

Tournament Bests:  3@41 - 36mph  |  5.5@41 @34mph


Brent Triplett- Pro Team

While Brent's has been skiing at a high level for many years, he made a huge jump in 2018 when he switched to a Denali c65, skiing into 41off many times. A Mechanical Engineer by trade, he is an asset to Team Denali as an annalytical skier who understands the science behind his craft. Brent and his wife Tori recently had a baby boy, and Brent expects to gain at least 2 buoys on his PB as a result, as Cale Burdick did.

Tournament Best: 2 @ 41 - 36mph

Adam Cord - Co-Founder

Cord competed on the Purdue University Water Ski Team, where he also received his BS in Industrial Engineering.  After graduating, he worked at O'Brien Watersports where he learned about ski design and manufacturing.  He has been actively involved in tournament slalom skiing for 15 years and is capable of running into 41off when he is not "testing" skis.


Cord creates the CAD and generates the computer aided machining code used with the Denali CNC machines.  Also, he is a mentor to customers by providing guidance on ski tuning, fin setup, boot position, and slalom philosophy.

Adam lives in New York with his wife, Ashley, and their two sons..

Tournament Bests:   5 @ 39 | 36mph

Cale Burdick - Pro Team

Cale has won several AWSA National and Collegiate National slalom titles, as well as many regional titles. He has competed professionally for more than a decade. While most pro skiers are training in Florida, Cale is a Pharmacist in Michigan, where he lives with his wife Laura and their three children.


Cale's feedback to the Denali engineering team is irreplaceable as his ability to feel what a ski is doing on the water is second to none. Cale has a personal best of 4 @41 off, and is an exceptional tricker and jumper as well. He is available for coaching in the metro Detroit area. Check him out at his website -

Tournament Best: 4  @ 41 - 36mph